Friday, June 27, 2014

Wildlife &Wild Lands of Pennsylvania - How will Fracking affect our Beautiful State?

Fairy Rocks - oil on panel - 24"x24"
Plein Air Painting
English Center, PA

Studio is Open June 27, 28, 29 - 11am to 6pm - free shipping is offered on all prints!

Standing on Fragile Ground - oil on linen- 31"x31"

Just how safe is fracking?
Will it hurt our rivers and streams?
What about our drinking water?
How will fracking affect future generations of wildlife?

These paintings are created and influenced by what is happening right now in the Allegheny 
Mountains in Pennsylvania.
 English Center has been my second home since I was a little kid. I love the mountains, skies, fresh air and wildlife.
My art is subtly being influenced by fracking in Pennsylvania.
Is money more valuable than a healthy environment?
Can you buy new water, animals, people, land.
It can not be replaced!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Open Studio - April 11, 12, 13

Yes, Open Studios once again!  Collectors, Art Lovers, Curious People  Come one! Come All!

Free Shipping available also.  New Watercolors, Oil Paintings & Prints Available.

Inspiration for my paintings comes from nature, dreams and meditation. Spending time outdoors in the woods, fields and shores inspires my work. My buildings, whether factories or barns, are more of a made up composition then actual reality. Whatever the subject matter is, it becomes my fanciful, lyrical and mysterious world.  There is something magical that happens when painting, the process enriches my connection to the earth. Painting layer after layer of watercolors and oils ends up being a meditative experience.  The goal is to create a piece of art that can be a retreat from our hectic stressful world.

I am a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts where I received a 4 Year Certificate in Painting. Some of my favorite instructors at PAFA where Will Barnet, Dan Miller, Louis Sloan and Joe Amoratico. I’ve exhibited in numerous galleries and museums and have received many awards for painting including the William Emlen Cresson Traveling Scholarship and was awarded a fellowship with the Center for Emerging Visual Artists and attended  residencies at Villa Arrigo in Florence Italy and the Margo-Kelb Dune Shack in Provincetown, MA.A partial list of exhibitions include the Philadelphia Artists Alliance, Center for Emerging Visual Artists, Nexus Gallery, Noyes Museum, PA State Museum, Stedman Gallery, Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, Prince Street Gallery, Widener University, Keystone Art & Culture Center and Stuart Levy Gallery. My studio was funded through a grant from the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation. I’ve been featured in the Hunt Magazine, Signature Brandywine Magazine, Philadelphia Inquirer, Art Matters, Philadelphia Business Journal and Studio Visit Magazine. I regularly holds open studio’s where collectors view and purchase my work.  
“Red Roof Retreat” oil on canvas 24″x24″
Red Roof Retreat

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Art & Furniture Do Go Together at Thos. Moser Wayne

A Selection of Fine Art
Fine Furniture

Sunday March 23 1-5pm Reception to meet the artists of Assemblage
Light Refreshments Served.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Open Studios every Friday Saturday & Sunday of 2013

Since I live on a busy corner property in Wawa, Pennsylvania, it's convenient to hold open studios.  I have signs out on the corner and art lovers stop in to check out my paintings.  It seems that many of my collectors come back to purchase more prints or originals.  My studio will be open every weekend through out the remainder of 2013. My studios located at 112 Wawa Road Wawa Pa.
If you're not close feel free to email me with any questions about my art.

I spent a week in Acadia National Park painting.  Maine is an amazing place to paint.  Of course I'm not the first artist to have thought that!  This is a watercolor of Bass Harbor.  I've edited out many of the boats that where in the harbor and I've used white in the paint to create lots of different tones.

This is a view of Frenchman's Bay.  I painted this on location or Plein air.  It was cool watching the lobstermen unloading their traps. 

This is a friend's barn.  I painted it plein air a couple of months ago.  His sheep were walking by me as I painted the barn and sunflowers.  It's called "Meads Barn I" and is an oil on panel.

I've always felt close to the native american idea of respecting mother earth.  This is 
"Moon Totem Ancestor" ink and watercolor on arches paper 50"x50.5"
This painting is also offered as a print.  I had one made as a 40"x40" stretched on stretcher bars. 
It looks great.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Studio News

Hi Everyone, I hope you're enjoying this beautiful summer. I've been painting away and thought I'd share some new studio news.

I recently painted a watercolor of "Calla Lilies for Frances" in memory of my Grandmom who passed away at 99. What an amazing woman! Can you imagine all of the things she's experienced in her life? She was truly a strong wonderful woman.  I have prints available along with the original if anyone is interested.  I've also completed a double portrait of two little brothers "Nat and Tristan".        

 If anyone is interested in having portraits painted, please let me know.  And if you have any art loving friends would you please share this blog?  Thanks!  I've also made prints on canvas of "Night Barn" which is stretched on stretcher bars and can be displayed as is or framed. 

I'm sharing a sweet poem about my watercolor "Lovely Goldfish I" by
my good friend Helen who's a great painter and poet... 

And she glides
through night sky
through dark pond 
of Prussian Blue
of dark grassy shadows
of night sky, of lemon moon
or is it lily pad sings 
to gliding fish
dancing white body, white fins,
curling watery orange 
all night, sky dancing

Thank you for checking out my blog!
Please checkout
Best Wishes!

Monday, March 4, 2013

New Sales

oil on birch panel

Dear Collectors
Thank you for coming out to the studio and purchasing a painting for your collection~

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Birth & Journey of One Little Painting

"Messenger" oil on canvas 40"x40" 

These two paintings are recent oils.  "Have you Looked Outside?" was created first.  I liked the idea of being in your home and looking out the window at the backyard, and seeing birds flying off into a cool sky which was reflected in a small pond or puddle.  There's crazy unrealistic shadows which divide the lawn, making for an interesting composition.   

"Messenger" came after "Have you Looked Outside?".  Sometimes one painting leads to another.  "Messenger" has a white dove in the window, which has connotations of the spirit and heavenly travel.  The telephone pole continues the travel idea, in my mind.  The furrowed rows off to the right draw the eye up into the distance.  There is a sense of mystery in the open doors, like what's inside there?, and do I really want to explore this building?  Usually I don't describe what's going on in my work, because each person brings there own ideas when looking at paintings, but who knows, maybe I'm getting better at describing my work the older I get.

"Have you Looked Oustide?" recently sold from my studio.  Funny how things work out.  This painting was in a gallery in New Hope, PA for six months.  During that time none of my work sold, so the gallery owner asked me to pick up my work and then removed me from their website.  Disappointing, but something some artists have to deal with all the time.  Anyway, I'm happy the person who ended up buying this painting has it in their collection.  Surprisingly they already had several of my paintings and I didn't know it due the other paintings being sold at a different gallery and I had not received their name.  When they came into the studio and said they had work of mine and they loved it, I was kinda floored!  It was a nice surprise to have met this person and heard how thrilled they were with my work.

So, it just goes to show ya, you just never know!  These incidents are what keeps you going, a little shot in the arm for the crazy artist!